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seo cms content management softwareA Content Management System, or CMS, is a collection of tools used to create, modify, organize and remove information from a Web site. There are many options in CMS software out there. In most cases, a CMS allows users who are not familiar with HTML to create and maintain their Web pages, making it a very useful tool for those Webmasters who do not have the time or inclination to learn HTML coding.

Choosing the right SEO CMS outsourcing firm for your Web project is the first step to making your Web page successful. Not just any old CMS will do as far as creating layout, adding text and pictures and embedding links and titles go. These things are all integral to your page ranking...

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Can I show different users different content?

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Website Design

Within limits. The CMS Content Management User Manager currently only supports a few levels (“groups”) of users. You can show different content to different groups, but you cannot show each individual user a unique set of content. Put another way, every user in the group will see the same content as the other users in the group. If you really need this functionality, there are some third party components which add additional flexibility.

The step by step instructions are for a CMS site with the following requirements:

  • by default, material is only accessible to logged in users
  • some material should be accessible to people who are not logged into the site
  • restricted content must not be available to regular members or anonymous users (including through search)
  • regular users must not be made a...
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