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Search results listings are different than the content pages themselves. They’re also different than the links to the pages, which are often selected and created in context by content managers.

Search results usually include the page title, a short snippet of text (from the meta description tag, the first few lines of the page, or an automatically generated snippet), and a URL. Focus on these elements to ensure the page is found and that users can understand why a result is relevant to their query. Focus on the pages’ content and structure to ensure it is ranked appropriately by the relevance algorithm.

Determine what website content you want to include in your site’s search

Website content to search most often includes public-facing web content. This includes HTML web pages, PDF files, word processing documents, and spreadsheets. It also includes multimedia files, such as images and videos.

Many sites have public-facing databases included in search results. Some also have password- or access-restricted website content, such as intranet content.

Content may be located on your domain only (e.g., It may include sub–domains (e.g., or It may also include selected, related outside domains (e.g., or

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