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Website Search Engine Optimization

Some of the most important technical restrictions and challenges in a SEO process are caused by the content management system in use: From its code cleanliness, flexibility to optimize specific elements, the options to organize its structure, to its scalability.

This is why the selection of a CMS that effectively provides a solution to the site present and possible future needs, depending on its characteristics while making sure that it is also SEO friendly, is fundamental.

Of course, beyond the capacity of the CMS itself, the knowledge about what to optimize is vital, otherwise you would end up having a great platform that you just haven’t effectively configured -which unfortunately also happens a lot-.

The content itself is as important as anything else on your page.  Make sure you have good representation of keywords and keyword phrases(seo friendly).  Another way to make sure you hit your keyword goals is to use keyword synonyms, which not only help your score, but also make it more readable by not repeating the vocabulary over and over again to the user.  Use a question and answer format whenever logical or useful.  Also, never forget to put alt text on all your images.  And last but not least, continue to regularly add new and fresh content.  Your visitors, and the search engines, will reward you.  Make sure your CMS can help you create fresh, relevant, keyword-focused and SEO friendly content.

The most important thing you need in order to have a dynamic site is an SEO friendly CMS. Any CMS that supports SEO completely allows you to access and edit these tags as well as to set rules for generating tags that are SEO friendly. That means that you can focus on the content on your Web site. That content is what builds the page that the user sees. You need to be able to make changes to the tags and control the metadata on each page separately. Every element must be customizable.

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