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In some cases the links on a CMS website content management make a big mess out of the hierarchical structure of information on the website. It can be fixed, but there are a lot of CMS users who don’t care about SEO and just use the defaults — which are usually not the very best for SEO.

There are some themes and plugins for every CMS that will be very well suited for a great search-engine friendly website, usually the free themes are not it. (but there are exceptions).

The important thing, is to analyze your website, and use your brain to apply best-practices — and then check if it worked in practice or didn’t.

Personal example:

I have a WordPress website content management blog used as an e-commerce website where most pages are landing pages for a particular product.

When a user gets to such a page I would want to convert him into a buy, and not loose his interest. There are several things that were wrong with the defaults of wordpress blogs I changed.

  • Categories and tags in wordpress were links, these showed up in Google Analytics as having 10% or more clicks on them — this beats the purpose of why I brought the user to that page, so I made these non-clickable
  • Another 10% of users were clicking the title with the shop name.
  • Another 5% were clicking the Next/Previous post links at the botton instead of the buy button.
  • The website title was in a <h1> tag, I put the content first title in <h1> instead, with that page keywords in it.
  • Pages did not have a unique <title> and <meta description> tags, so I installed a plug-in that adds the ability to specify these.

All these things are usually defaults, but for the purpose of my website were bad defaults that did not contribute to convergence rates. All were easy to fix. I regularly inspect Google Analytics and plug any holes that users use to escape my intent of the website.

Maybe for a different website the above tweaks are not required, it all depends on what you need your website to accomplish.

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