Can users edit website content using their web browser?

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Yes, if they are registered users who are logged into the system, and if you have given them permission. There are three user levels which have this power:
  • Author – This group allows a user to post website content, usually via a link in the User Menu.
  • Editor – This group allows a user to post and edit website content item from the Front-end.
  • Publisher – This group allows a user to post, edit and publish any website content item from the Front-end.

You define what’s editable and CMS will take care of the rest. Automagically handling text, html and images.

No programming required and no server requirements. You won’t even need to train your clients.

We write in bizarre ways.  We often use long sentences with complex structure and shiny words to showcase our smarts.  Such tactics are great in a term paper.  They’re far less effective when it comes to web copy.

Read all of your content, slowly and aloud.  If you’re worried about the judgment of others (as I often am at this point in the process), go somewhere private.  This is an incredibly valuable step in the editing process and is worth doing right.

See if your content sounds natural.  It should sound just like you’re talking to someone.  Keep it conversational.  Use simple sentences that are easy to understand without the help of inflection or further explanation.  You know what you mean.  But you need to make sure your visitors will as well.

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