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Sizing Website Photos

Pay close attention to photo and image sizes you use in your blogs.

Max photo and image size 1920 pixels wide x 1080 pixels high.

See this post for sizing your photos and images before posting to your website!

Start from your edit blog screen.

CMS Website Content Editor

Add the photo above the paragraph if you want to wrap paragraph text around image.

Hover over center of top border of paragraph you want the photo to be in until you see a plus sign appear with add block highlighted. Click the plus sign.

CMS Website Content Editor

Click the image icon from the pop-up window.

CMS Website Content Editor

Click Media Library for the box that appears above the paragraph.

CMS Website Content Editor

From the Media Library Click Upload Files in the top left corner to upload a new image or select and existing photo/image. Select Files from the next windows, then browse to the photo on your local computer that you want to upload.

CMS Website Content Editor

Click Align Left or Right depending on how you want the text to wrap around the image. Click Center if you do not want text to wrap.

CMS Website Content Editor

Grab and drag dot on border to size image as desired.

CMS Website Content Editor

Click Update to save Post when you have the photo sized and aligned to your liking.

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