SEO Website Content Management

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Search Engine Optimized Website Content Management

SEO CMS Website Content Management

Thank you for choosing SEO Website Content Management. You are now viewing sample content that is included in a CMS SEO Website Content Management Software System. You can edit and delete website content very easily. We recommend that you review our CMS website, as it contains information you might find to be helpful.

Once you’ve reviewed the various components of the site it’s time to begin to learn how to interact with content management by registering.   Registration is a simple three step process explained here.

Once logged in you’ll begin to see the power of website content management software.  The SEO CMS website navigation is instantly modified with the addition of a User Menu where you have options to add and view sections of the site only available to registered members and to Submit Links!   Browse around the site again and make a few sample posts to explore your new level of website content management interaction.

The next level of interaction with the SEO CMS site is that of a Author.  Send a request to the system administrator via a Contact Us form, with your username, requesting Author status. Once approved you’ll be able to Submit News articles to the site from your User Menu.  Your news article will appear in a new submission list in the site administrator’s content area.  After the administrator approves your submission your news article will instantly appear in the Section of the SEO CMS site you selected during submission.  Take note of the new edit icon that appears at the top of your news article.  When you click the edit icon your article is presented in a browser editor where you can make revisions and additions.

SEO Website Content Management

The next level of authority to interact with the website content management system is Editor. An Editor can edit any news post, even posts from other Authors.  This level is not activated on this site for obvious security reasons.  Email us your request if you’d like us to setup Editor access on our test site.

The final level of front-end access is that of Publisher.  A Publisher differs from an Editor in that they have authority to publish new submissions to the live site.

SEO Website Content Management System Administration

If you would like to become involved in the development of CMS SEO Website Content Management and be a part of the dynamic CMS SEO Website Content Management community, please contact us.